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Orange Rose

Jessica’s sister, Christine, tended to this magnificent rose, Genevieve, in her garden, near London, England.

Genevieve, was known in her land as the “party flower”, but she was actually a scholar of 16th century Scottish castles.

Although Genevieve appeared at first glance to be a social butterfly, she spent most of her days meticulously gathering and organizing, obscure castle construction and design information, and collaborated with her research team, mason bee friends.

Sizes: Ultra-Chunky, Chunky and Squishy

Nelly, Wendy’s rotary phone, has a very loud, original mechanical bell ringer!

She takes great pride in her formal announcements of all incoming calls.

I’m guessing she must be in her 80’s by now, (no one knows her exact age), but she weighs close to 10 pounds, and was originally born in Seattle, near Pike Place Market.

Ultra-Chunky, Chunky and Pops

Cheryl, the Zebra, has a habit of galloping into the unknown, giving away eggplants and peppers to all.

She is also an internationally celebrated knitting designer, known for her delicate, wispy sweaters for four legged creatures.

When her daily tasks are completed, she enjoys kicking the soccer (foot / hoof) ball around with the local pick up team.

Ultra-Chunky, Chunky and Squishy
Pink Peony

In her back yard, Sandra nurtured this Glorious Pink Peony, Rex.

Over the years, and because of her lighthearted and virtuous gardening skills, several billion peonies have burgeoned out, with confetti-in-the-wind-like ease.

The neighbours notoriously whisper with glee upon discovery.

On weekends, Rex does CrossFit. He’s exceptionally gifted at performing battle ropes and kettle bell swings.

Sizes: Ultra-Chunky, Chunky and Squishy

Fred watches over Kent and Linda’s garden. When no one is looking, he hops around and splashes in puddles after a good rain.

When people approach, Fred resumes his statuesque Yoga Child’s pose. Rumour has it, he is a huge fan of both disco music, and opera arias, particularly those from Madame Butterfly.

Ultra-Chunky, Chunky and Squishy
Mushroom Group
The McShrooms

Papa, Mama, and Baby McShroom, are all perfect specimens, of the Living-living structures within the highly sought after, pop-up, tiny home enclave for all teeny tiny creatures, Mushessey.

Mushessey is located near the curb of 16th, Avenue, within the area of Shaughnessy, on the West-side of Vancouver, BC, Canada, to be specific.

The enclave’s Mother lives underground and has developed a grand inter-web of communication, spanning thousands of kilometres deep and wide. The local trees know all about it, and regularly send mischievous messages back and forth at lightning speed!

Sizes: Ultra-Chunky, Chunky, Squishy and Pops
Blue Dog
Dr. Blewdaug

Dr. Blewdaug, received his PhD, in neuropsychology in 1989.

Upon graduating with the highest marks in his class, and, after a brief vacation in Victoria, BC, he realized his true passion was in the creation of life sized, human waxed figurines.

His favourite food is Moon Cake, eaten and shared with friends only during the Mid-Autumn Festival, first introduced to him by Andy.

Sizes: Ultra-Chunky and Squishy
Green Pillow

Riel’s Pillow friend, Chartreuse, invented lounging. She wrote the definitive book on it.

She dictated the whole book, in fact, reclined against the arm of her friend, Sofa.

She’s actually never lifted a finger, but remains in perfect health, suspended in time. Amazingly flexible and giving, Chartreuse always fits in wherever she lands.

Ultra-Chunky, Chunky and Pops

Matilda Piper, is the master of the Dunes.

She is a hydraulic engineer by day, and olympic speed walker on weekends.

She also has her own podcast, specializing in the microbiome of the Red-spotted Newt.

Ultra-Chunky, Chunky and Squishy

In hindsight, it was entirely inevitable, that after seemingly, years of endless revolutions, in all sorts of weather, and constantly changing conditions, the whole family was utterly and completely tired.

Sizes: Ultra-Chunky, Chunky and Pops

Lou, the Ostrich, is a DJ at the hippest music venues, and makes old school mixed CDs for people who still have CD players..

Lou is very funny, and also has X-ray vision. This superpower, obviously qualifies him as a Super Bird. By sticking his head in the sand, he activates his XRAY vision to clearly and vividly see hidden treasures underwater in all the oceans.

He’s also telepathic. So, obviously, he sends messages, coordinates, and specifics to his many sea turtles pals, who excavate and retrieve the treasures. He has several offshore accounts, and is an anonymous 100% treasure philanthropist, helping animals worldwide.

Ultra-Chunky, Chunky and Squishy

Heart, an abstract oil painter, plays tennis and enjoys walks on the beach.

He’s the ultimate workaholic, but is the most loving soul you’ll ever meet.

Heart has exquisite rhythm, is a terrific dancer, and is obsessed with the 1987 classic, “Pump up the Volume,” by MARRS.

Sizes: Ultra-Chunky, Chunky and Pops
Imma Kayke

Imma Kayke, dreams of surfing in Maui.

She practices constitutional law in her hometown of Olbia, Sardegna, entirely remotely, so as to keep her identity anonymous.

On the first Sunday afternoon of every month, she writes a plethora of haikus.

Sizes: Ultra-Chunky, Chunky and Squishy

Bob is an extremely protective husband and keeps a watchful eye out for his wife, Margaret.

They have been together for at least 3 years, and have laid a few eggs. Bob puffs out his chest when he acts tough.

He’s been known, through a “fake left, then right karate chop wing” move, to challenge the ferocity of crows!

Sizes: Ultra-Chunky, Chunky and Squishy
Mr Mouse
Mr Mouse

Mr. Mouse lives in a tiny apartment, inside the wall of Wendy’s living room, along with Mrs. Mouse, and their dog, Scott.

They are very quiet neighbours (as quiet as mice), but drink much more wine, and eat way more cheese than one would expect.

They get along well with the Dust Bunnies.

Sizes: Chunky, Squishy and Pops
Brass Bunny

Bethany, is sometimes called a “Top Brass”.

She lives peacefully in an indoor garden, and commands her roost.

She regulates light and water with her thoughts, and constantly sends out high vibrational intentions.

Sizes: Chunky, Squishy and Pops
Tea time
Tea time

Tea-time in the solarium usually includes crumpets, marmalade, clotted cream and a smidgen of chocolate of some sort.

Violins play in the study, but the sound travels well across the highly polished oak floors, and marble landings.

The northern light through the extra high windows, is soft and dappled.

Sizes: Chunky, Squishy and Pops

When we first landed on the notorious watery planet, we noticed an array of very scaly and plenty toothed, mega creatures.

They are now referred to as DINOSAURS. The flying ones (although less toothy) were the funniest!

They often did improv on the edges of cliffs, and managed to procure thousands of spectators at these precarious venues. They say comedy was born here. The pterodaktils, with their 52 ft wing span, regularly had the audience, including us, in stitches! So, we decided to stay.

Sizes: Chunky and Pops
Brown Paper Package
Brown Paper Packages

It’s obviously a surprise, so it’s best not to reveal the contents.

Sizes: Squishy and Pops
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